The UNESCO recognition bestowed upon Cadore and its Dolomites has helped to launch its new tourist season. The opportunity to shine a light on an area of the Dolomites traditionally associated with wellbeing, culture and cuisine, fresh air and relaxing walks as well as more demanding outdoor sports and activities including mountain biking and great skiing (downhill and cross-country), requires a fresh and exciting way of presenting what Cadore has to offer.

It is for this reason that we are pleased to present to you the “CADORE terra magica” guide in both the traditional printed, illustrated format and at the same time the web-based version aimed at the growing online community.

The idea of is to appeal to an increasingly varied tourist market using a range of techniques as diverse as the area they promote.

The guide, in its intelligent simplicity, represents an enticing invitation to visit, live and get to know Cadore, showcasing its cultural, panoramic and natural riches, which together form a single, unique tourist experience. And it is this uniqueness which underpins the guide as it promotes the beauty and charm which emanates from the Central Cadore lake and Lagole, from the slopes of the majestic Antelao and Rite mountains and the murales of Cibiana, and, in the footsteps of the great Titian, touches every one of the alpine refuges, the Spalti di Toro and their mythical inhabitants, and finally reaches as far up as Sappada and Comelico with their echoes of the Great War, and the picturesque Tre Cime di Lavaredo reflected on the surface of lake Santa Caterina.

Bepi Casagrande