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21 Mag

San Nicolò di Comelico

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The most remarkable works of art of the village are to be seen in St Nicholas’ church (end of the 12th century); both the village and the church bear the bishop’s name. Inside you can admire the wonderful frescoes by Gianfrancesco da Tolmezzo and a painting attributed to Cesare Bagni. In the hamlet of Gera, Casa Vettori is a fine example of the architecture of the aristocracy, whereas in the vicinity there is the church of the Holy Trinity and St Julia. The body of the saint, held in the church, was bestowed by cardinal Costantino Patrizi to baroness Cecilia Colissis Vettori. One of the works of art to be seen here is a remarkable painting by Lazzarini, with Saints Victor and Corona, the Holy Trinity and St Michael. In the hamlet of Campitello there is the more recent chapel of the Holy Heart. The hamlet of Costa offers wonderful views over the entire Comelico and also the opportunity to visit St Daniel’s chapel with some paintings by local artists Pio Solero and Danilo Soligo.

town hall: 0435.62314
Val Comelico Dolomiti tourist association: 0435.67021 / 0435.62230