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Padola, a winter sports resort, was already known as a spa in the 19th century thanks to the hot springs in Valgrande. The river Padola is straddled by a man-made barrage, la Stua, recorded since 1521, which used to regulate the floating of timber and which is now a museum artefact. The parish church, dating from the 19th century and dedicated to St Luke the Evangelist, houses works by Tomaso Da Rin and De Lorenzi. In Padola there is also the chapel of Our Lady of Graces built in 1859, and St Anne’s church built in 1699. In the parish church in Dosoledo, dedicated to Saints Rocco and Oswald, you can admire an altar by the sculptor Andrea Brustolon, while in the nearby Casamazzagno, in a scenic position, stands the beautiful church of St Lawrence, built in late gothic style in 1545 by Nicolò Roupel. According to the documents of the local statute Laudo della Regola, Candide is the oldest village; its church, built in the 18th century in honour of Our Lady of the Assumption, was designed by Felice Del Fabbro and was frescoed by Giovanni De Min, with other works by Pietro D’Andreis, Giovanni Rossi and Guido Reni. Another building by Nicolò Roupel is St Anthony’s chapel next to the parish church. There are some impressive residences in Dosoledo such as Palazzo Zandonella-Dall’Aquila, and in nearby Candide, Palazzo Gera and Casa Monti Giacobbi. Candide also hosts an Alpine Garden with several rare alpine species. Those interested in learning about the Ladin culture, which still flourishes in the valley, could visit the multimedia centre Spazio Algudnei (Dosoledo), the Museum of Alpine and Ladin Culture (Padola) or the museum of local traditions “La Stua” (Casamazzagno). Alternatively a stroll along the path “I quattro Trói” with its wooden sculptures offers an insight into the traditions at carnival time, local crafts and festivals.

tourist office: 0435.67021 / 0435.62230