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12 Mag

Lorenzago di Cadore

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Lorenzago is situated in a scenic position at the foot of Monte Cridola with a view that takes in the Centro Cadore valley and its lake up to Pieve, Titian’s birthplace. The village was developed following the plans by the architect Segusini (1801-1876) which gave prominence to the historic houses built in local stone, while allowing the later addition of art nouveau  buildings and, in the 20th century, new public buildings in neoclassical style by the architect R. Alfarè (1892-1969). The Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI spent their holidays in the villa next to Castello Mirabello. The two paths departing from this spot in the middle of a fantastic alpine landscape were used by the Popes for their walks towards the Mauria Pass. Photographs, souvenirs and memorabilia of the Pontiffs’ stays are collected in the three storeys of the Museum of the Popes housed in the 18th century vicarage. The parish church, built in 1778 by D. Schiavi and A. Dal Fabbro from Tolmezzo, displays works by T. Da Rin, G.B. Vicari and C. Vecellio, beside altars and a pulpit in late baroque style by F. Alois as well as a recently renovated organ by F. Comelli. The church of Our Lady of Defence, rebuilt and expanded in the 1800s, holds some 16th century frescoes attributed to Giovanni Pietro da San Vito al Tagliamento, wooden altars by M. Parth from Brunico and Zuane Pitor and his brother from Carnia. Worth mentioning is the organ by the venetian N. Moscatelli, while in Coresiei there is a chapel dedicated to St Anthony of Egypt. Pleasant strolls around the historic centre and along the gentle gradients of Parco dei Sogni are a prelude or a counterpoint to going hiking on more demanding itineraries. One such excursion leads to Miaron, where the WWI fort preserves the artillery emplacements and the shelters erected by the Military Engineers. A cross-country skiing track, in the area called Borbe, a sports complex in Riauto, equipped with tennis courts, five-a-side football pitches, volleyball and basketball courts, together with a fitness trail and clay tennis courts in Pesin are an invitation to take part in a range of sporting activities in a natural environment of great beauty.

tourist office: 0435.550016
local information: 347.1760871

12 Mag

Auronzo di Cadore

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Auronzo and Misurina occupy a large area of land surrounded by Tre Cime di Lavaredo and other famous Dolomites peaks. The long valley where the town sits, along the course of the River Ansiei, begins in the hamlet called Cima Gogna, where an ancient spa, already mentioned in documents dating back to 1590, later became a fashionable tourist destination.
The entrance to the town is now marked by a dam (built in 1929-1932) which creates the Santa Caterina Lake, around which there is a network of paths and walks.

The local museum, housed in Palazzo Corte Metto, displays collections ranging from biology and earth science to minerals and mining; the archaeology section contains the Roman and pre-Roman finds from the archaeological sites in the town.
Among the places of worship there is the parish church of St Justine, which dates back to the end of the 18th century, the church of Our Lady of Graces dedicated in 1745, and St Catherine’s church dating back to the 16th century. The Somadida Forest is a nature reserve rich in wildlife and trees, which used to supply the Republic of Venice with timber for its ship masts. Within the forest visitors can find easy walks, a small museum and a library with audio facilities for people with impaired sight.

The municipality also includes Misurina, the Pearl of the Dolomites, and its famous lake. On the shores of the lake stands the Istituto Pio XII, a centre for the treatment of asthma in children. From Misurina it is easy to reach the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, a symbol of the Dolomites. According to tradition, in order to fix the boundary between Auronzo and Dobbiaco, it was decided to send two women, one from each town, at cockcrow to claim the land. By tricking the bird into crowing earlier, the woman from Auronzo was able to go further, so that the boundary was fixed on the Marogna bridge near Carbonin. From Misurina you can go up to Monte Piana, where many bloody battles were fought during the First World War. The restored trenches on the mountain are now an open-air museum.

tourist office: 0435.9359 /
Auronzo Misurina tourist association: 0435.99603 /

14 Nov

Themed trails

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Archaeological Trail
Auronzo di Cadore – Mount Calvario archaeological site
Auronzo di Cadore – Palazzo Corte Metto Museum
Calalzo di Cadore –Làgole archaeological site
Ospitale di Cadore –Paluc archaeological site
Pieve di Cadore – MARC Museo Archeologico Cadorino
Pieve di Cadore – Roman Villa in front of the Town Hall
San Vito di Cadore –Mondeval archaeological site
Selva di Cadore – Vittorino Cazzetta Museum
Valle di Cadore –Roman Road

Architectural Trail
Borca di Cadore – former Villaggio Eni
Borca di Cadore – Church of Our Lady of Cadore
Comelico Superiore – Palazzo Zandonella Dall’Aquila
Calalzo di Cadore – Hamlet Rizzios
Domegge di Cadore – Palazzo Valmassoi
Lorenzago di Cadore – Town Plan by Segusini
Perarolo di Cadore – Palazzo Lazzaris
San Pietro di Cadore – Palazzo Poli De Pol
San Pietro di Cadore – Hamlet Costalta
Sappada – Old Sappada
Valle di Cadore – Hamlet Costa
Valle di Cadore –Rualan Bridge

Artistic Trail
Cibiana di Cadore – Murales
Pieve di Cadore – Titian’s childhood home
Pieve di Cadore – Palace of Magnifica Comunità
Pieve di Cadore – Church of Santa Maria Nascente
San Nicolò Comelico – St Nicholas’s Church
San Vito di Cadore – Church of Our Lady of Defence
Valle di Cadore (Damos) – Church of St Andrew and St John the Baptist
Vigo di Cadore – Churches of St Ursula and St Margaret
Zoppè di Cadore – St Anne’s Church

World War I Trail
Auronzo di Cadore – Mount Piana, Museum of the Great War
Cibiana di Cadore –Mount Rite Fort
Lozzo di Cadore – Col Vidal Forts
Lorenzago di Cadore – Miaron Forts
Pieve di Cadore –Monte Ricco Fort
Sappada – Little Museum of the Great War
World War I itineraries:
Vigo di Cadore – Mount Tudaio Forts

Ethnographic Trail
Comelico Superiore (Dosoledo) – Algudnei Museum
Comelico Superiore (Padola) – la Stua
Comelico Superiore (Padola) – Museum of Alpine and Ladin Culture
Danta di Cadore – Paleonthological Museum “Le Radici della Vita”
Lozzo di Cadore – The Trail of the Mills
Lozzo di Cadore – The Old Dairy
Perarolo di Cadore – Museum of Timber
Pieve di Cadore – Museum of Eyewear
Sappada – Museum of Rural Life
Selva di Cadore – Museum of the Fire Brigade
Vodo di Cadore (Vinigo) – Allotment
Zoppè di Cadore – “Al Poiat” Ethnographic Museum

Natural Trail
Auronzo – Palazzo Corte Metto Museum
Auronzo di Cadore– Somadida Forest
Auronzo di Cadore – Misurina
Auronzo di Cadore –Gogna Hot Springs
Calalzo di Cadore – Làgole
Calalzo di Cadore – Val d’Oten
Cibiana di Cadore – Dolomites Museum “Museo nelle nuvole”
Comelico Superiore (Candide) – Alpine Garden
Danta di Cadore – Peat Bogs
Domegge di Cadore –Romiti Hermitage
Lorenzago di Cadore – Parco dei Sogni
Lozzo di Cadore – Tita Poa Trail
Lozzo di Cadore – Pian dei Buoi
Pieve di Cadore –Roccolo di Sant’Alipio Park
Perarolo –Val Montina Wilderness Reserve
San Vito di Cadore –Mosigo Lake
Sappada –Rio Muhlbach Waterfalls
Sappada – Acquatona Gorge
Valle di Cadore – Costa Piana
Vigo di Cadore – Casera Razzo

The Pope in Cadore
Auronzo di Cadore – St Justine’s Church
Danta di Cadore – St Barbara’s Church
Domegge di Cadore – St George’s Church
Lorenzago di Cadore – Castello Mirabello
Lorenzago di Cadore – Museum of the Popes
Lorenzago di Cadore – Pope John Paul II Path
Lozzo di Cadore –Loreto Church
Pieve di Cadore – Palace of Magnifica Comunità
Val Visdende
Vigo di Cadore – St Ursula’s Church