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12 Mag

Domegge di Cadore

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The village lies on the shores of the Centro Cadore Lake and is surrounded by several mountain ranges, notably Spalti di Toro, Monfalconi and Marmarole. As you walk along its streets, you can admire several frescoed houses, such as the 16th century Palazzo Valmassoi in gothic style, casa Barnabò, casa Cian e casa Teza. St George is the patron of the parish: the original church burnt down in the 19th century but was swiftly rebuilt. The new parish church was designed in 1861 by the architects Segusini and Sandi. In the village there are several chapels: the oldest is St Joseph’s (17th century), St Anthony of Padua, Our Lady of the Snows and Our Lady of Health in Collesello, while the churches of Our Lady of Graces and Madonna del Ponte were built in the 18th century. St Rocco’s chapel displays a painting by Tommaso Vecellio. Other churches are to be found in Grea (St Leonard and St Anthony), in Molinà (Our Lady of Graces), in Deppo (St Bona) and the War Memorial.
Worthy of mention is the refuge of Eremo dei Romiti on Mount Froppa, which stands on the hill of the same name at 1,164 metres above sea level and was built in the 18th century. The nearby church of St John the Baptist the Precursor dates from 1724. These religious buildings were home to some Franciscan friars called “romiti” between 1720 and 1810. The hermitage was founded by the friar Giovanni Maria Pinazza and the life of the monks was defined by a series of prescriptions that regulated their daily activities until the community was closed by Napoleon’s decree in 1810 and the site was abandoned . In the last few years extensive restoration work has been carried out with the aim of using the buildings for cultural and tourist purposes. The Stations of the Cross have been set up along the footpath leading up to the compound.

tourist office: 0435.72359


14 Nov

Cadore’s Refuges

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Cadore is a hiker’s paradise; there are footpaths to cater for all tastes, abilities and ages. One can walk in summer and also in winter since several routes are regularly kept open. For this reason Cadore is known as the “kingdom of snowshoes”. And in both summer and winter the focal points are the 32 alpine refuges scattered throughout Cadore’s mountains. These are also a great asset of the High Ways which cross Cadore, including no.3 the Way of the Chamois, no. 6 the Way of Silence, and those which lead to Pieve di Cadore such as no. 4 Grohmann’s Way and no. 5 Titian’s Way.

Rifugio Auronzo (m. 2333)
Auronzo di Cadore – Tel: 0435.39002

Rifugio Carducci (m. 2297)
Auronzo di Cadore – Tel: 0435.400485

Rifugio Città di Carpi (m. 2100)
Auronzo di Cadore – Tel: 0435.39139

Rifugio Col de Varda (m. 2106)
Auronzo di Cadore – Tel: 0435.39041

Rifugio Fratelli Fonda Savio (m. 2367)
Auronzo di Cadore – Tel: 0435.39036

Rifugio Lavaredo (m. 2433)
Auronzo di Cadore – Tel: 349.6028675

Rifugio Magg. Bosi Monte Piana (m. 2205)
Auronzo di Cadore – Tel: 0435.39034

Rifugio Monte Agudo (m.1573)
Auronzo di Cadore – Tel: 0435.400522 / 0435.99908

Rifugio Capanna degli alpini (m. 1368)
Calalzo di Cadore – Tel: 346.1689455

Rifugio Dino e Giovanni Chiggiato (m. 1911)
Calalzo di Cadore – Tel: 0435.31452

Rifugio Dolomites (m. 2160)
Cibiana di Cadore – Tel: 0435.31315

Rifugio Italo Lunelli (m. 1568)
Comelico Superiore / Padola – Tel: 0435.67171

Rifugio Rinfreddo (m. 1887)
Comelico Superiore – Tel: 328.1141655

Rifugio Cercenà (m. 1072)
Domegge di Cadore – emai:

Rifugio Eremo dei Romiti (m. 1164)
Domegge di Cadore – Tel: 0435.520010

Rifugio Padova (m. 1300)
Domegge di Cadore – Tel: 0435.72488

Rifugio Baion (m. 1826)
Lozzo di Cadore – Tel: 0435.76060

Rifugio Ciareido (m. 1969)
Lozzo di Cadore – Tel: 0435.76276

Rifugio Antelao (m. 1796)
Pieve di Cadore – Tel: 0435.75333

Rifugio Tita Barba (m. 1821)
Pieve di Cadore – Tel: 0435.32902

Rifugio Forcella Zovo (m. !600)
San Pietro di Cadore – Tel: 0435.460182

Rifugio ristorante Alpe di Senes (m. 1214)
San Vito di Cadore – Tel: 0436.9476

Rifugio Galassi (m. 2018)
San Vito di Cadore – Tel: 0436.9685

Rifugio ristorante Larin
San Vito di Cadore – Tel: 0436.9112

Rifugio ristorante Scotter Palatini (m. 1580)
San Vito di Cadore – Tel: 0436.99035

Rifugio San Marco (m. 1823)
San Vito di Cadore – Tel: 0436.9444

Rifugio Costapiana (m. 1610)
Valle di Cadore – Tel: 335.8115470

Rifugio A. Berti al Popera (m. 1950)
Vallon Popera – Tel: 0435.67155

Rifugio Ten. Fabbro (m. 1800)
Vigo di Cadore – Tel: 0435.460357

Rifugio Gianpietro Talamini (m. 1582)
Vodo di Cadore – Tel: 342.0855228

Rifugio Malga Ciauta (m. 1530)
Vodo di Cadore – Tel: 320.8241985 / 335.5314379

Rifugio Venezia (m. 1946)
Vodo di Cadore – Tel: 0436.9864 / 0435.420255

14 Nov


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All’interno del forum di sono presenti diverse sezioni dedicate al territorio e alle Dolomiti, nelle quali è possibile inserire i propri messaggi, partecipando alle discussioni già esistenti o aprendone di nuove.
Si tratta di uno strumento utile e sempre aggiornato, una bacheca online dove poter condividere le proprie esperienze, richiedere informazioni di qualsiasi tipo e interagire con gli altri utenti.

Per inserire un messaggio è necessario registrarsi al forum, attraverso una procedura semplice, veloce e del tutto automatica (gratuita al 100%), in cui è richiesto solo il proprio indirizzo email.
Sul forum troverete notizie e spunti su temi legati al Cadore, alla provincia di Belluno e alla regione Veneto, informazioni riguardanti le Dolomiti (itinerari, info rifugi, foto, video), report a cura degli utenti, riflessioni e molto altro.