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21 Mag

Santo Stefano di Cadore

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Santo Stefano, renowned as a centre for timber trading, had several mills and workshops until the end of the last century. The parish church was built in the 13th century: the choir dates from 1478, whereas the three naves were constructed between 1665 and 1675 to plans by fra’ Tomaso Simonetti from Ancona. The church hosts works by Tomaso Da Rin and Cristoforo Monforte, while one of the altars is by Brustolon’s pupils. The original settlement was in the hamlet Transacqua, where the first Christian chapel was erected, in the same spot where now stands the church of Our Lady of Graces and the nearby Casa Betting dating from 1600. In the village there are also two ancient chapels built with tuff, one of them holds an ancient statue of the Virgin Mary dating from the 15th century.

Travelling towards Comelico Superiore, the first hamlet on the way is Casada, where you can visit the little church (1855) dedicated to saints Lawrence and Oswald. Further along in Costalissoio there is the museum of the surrealist artist Luigi Regianini. The collection holds contemporary works by the painter and is enriched every year by new additions. Other notable works in the village are the statue “to the Homeland” by Augusto Murer and the church of the Holy Trinity (1853) with a painting by Zanzotto. He was the father of the poet Andrea Zanzotto and a freeman of the village. Travelling north you arrive in Campolongo with the church dedicated to Saints Philip and James. Although originally built in the 14th century, it was renovated in the 18th century; there are some notable paintings and a statue of Our Lady of Health made by Raffaele Piazza in the early 1900s. Val Frison is well-known for its wonderful natural environment, the remains of the blockhouses, and St Oswald’s chapel, rebuilt at the end of the 1920s.

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21 Mag

Borca di Cadore

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Borca di Cadore is situated at the foot of Mount Antelao; from here you can also enjoy a magnificent view of Mount Pelmo.

Among the many attractions of the village there is the church of the Apostles Simon and Jude Thaddeus which was already standing in 1331, but was completely destroyed by a landslide in 1737 and was later rebuilt on its present site, in the area called Fusineles. In 1791 the church was given an organ by the celebrated organ builder Gaetano Callido who, in 1776, had been asked to repair the three organs in St Mark’s Cathedral in Venice. The church houses the miraculous statue of a Black Madonna, as well as a painting by Antonio Balestra, a work attributed to Gregorio Lazzarini and paintings by P. A. Novelli. Other churches in the area are St Rocco’s in the hamlet of Cancia and St Lawrence’s in Villanova.

The Agip holiday village, in nearby Corte di Cadore, is a fine example of modern architecture perfectly set in the surrounding natural environment. It was the brainchild of ENI-AGIP chairman Enrico Mattei, who had it built as a holiday resort for the company’s employees. The compound was designed by the architect Edoardo Gellner between 1954 and 1963. The village comprises 263 holiday homes, two hotels, a church, a holiday camp for up to 600 children, a campsite, sports facilities and several service buildings. The Church of Our Lady of Cadore was designed by Edoardo Gellner together with the architect Carlo Scarpa. The latter also planned the Natural History Museum “Olimpia Perini” which displays several species of insects, snakes, beetles, butterflies, birds and mammals. Part of the museum is devoted to the Dolomites and their geology, with samples of local minerals on show.

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14 Nov

Themed trails

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Archaeological Trail
Auronzo di Cadore – Mount Calvario archaeological site
Auronzo di Cadore – Palazzo Corte Metto Museum
Calalzo di Cadore –Làgole archaeological site
Ospitale di Cadore –Paluc archaeological site
Pieve di Cadore – MARC Museo Archeologico Cadorino
Pieve di Cadore – Roman Villa in front of the Town Hall
San Vito di Cadore –Mondeval archaeological site
Selva di Cadore – Vittorino Cazzetta Museum
Valle di Cadore –Roman Road

Architectural Trail
Borca di Cadore – former Villaggio Eni
Borca di Cadore – Church of Our Lady of Cadore
Comelico Superiore – Palazzo Zandonella Dall’Aquila
Calalzo di Cadore – Hamlet Rizzios
Domegge di Cadore – Palazzo Valmassoi
Lorenzago di Cadore – Town Plan by Segusini
Perarolo di Cadore – Palazzo Lazzaris
San Pietro di Cadore – Palazzo Poli De Pol
San Pietro di Cadore – Hamlet Costalta
Sappada – Old Sappada
Valle di Cadore – Hamlet Costa
Valle di Cadore –Rualan Bridge

Artistic Trail
Cibiana di Cadore – Murales
Pieve di Cadore – Titian’s childhood home
Pieve di Cadore – Palace of Magnifica Comunità
Pieve di Cadore – Church of Santa Maria Nascente
San Nicolò Comelico – St Nicholas’s Church
San Vito di Cadore – Church of Our Lady of Defence
Valle di Cadore (Damos) – Church of St Andrew and St John the Baptist
Vigo di Cadore – Churches of St Ursula and St Margaret
Zoppè di Cadore – St Anne’s Church

World War I Trail
Auronzo di Cadore – Mount Piana, Museum of the Great War
Cibiana di Cadore –Mount Rite Fort
Lozzo di Cadore – Col Vidal Forts
Lorenzago di Cadore – Miaron Forts
Pieve di Cadore –Monte Ricco Fort
Sappada – Little Museum of the Great War
World War I itineraries:
Vigo di Cadore – Mount Tudaio Forts

Ethnographic Trail
Comelico Superiore (Dosoledo) – Algudnei Museum
Comelico Superiore (Padola) – la Stua
Comelico Superiore (Padola) – Museum of Alpine and Ladin Culture
Danta di Cadore – Paleonthological Museum “Le Radici della Vita”
Lozzo di Cadore – The Trail of the Mills
Lozzo di Cadore – The Old Dairy
Perarolo di Cadore – Museum of Timber
Pieve di Cadore – Museum of Eyewear
Sappada – Museum of Rural Life
Selva di Cadore – Museum of the Fire Brigade
Vodo di Cadore (Vinigo) – Allotment
Zoppè di Cadore – “Al Poiat” Ethnographic Museum

Natural Trail
Auronzo – Palazzo Corte Metto Museum
Auronzo di Cadore– Somadida Forest
Auronzo di Cadore – Misurina
Auronzo di Cadore –Gogna Hot Springs
Calalzo di Cadore – Làgole
Calalzo di Cadore – Val d’Oten
Cibiana di Cadore – Dolomites Museum “Museo nelle nuvole”
Comelico Superiore (Candide) – Alpine Garden
Danta di Cadore – Peat Bogs
Domegge di Cadore –Romiti Hermitage
Lorenzago di Cadore – Parco dei Sogni
Lozzo di Cadore – Tita Poa Trail
Lozzo di Cadore – Pian dei Buoi
Pieve di Cadore –Roccolo di Sant’Alipio Park
Perarolo –Val Montina Wilderness Reserve
San Vito di Cadore –Mosigo Lake
Sappada –Rio Muhlbach Waterfalls
Sappada – Acquatona Gorge
Valle di Cadore – Costa Piana
Vigo di Cadore – Casera Razzo

The Pope in Cadore
Auronzo di Cadore – St Justine’s Church
Danta di Cadore – St Barbara’s Church
Domegge di Cadore – St George’s Church
Lorenzago di Cadore – Castello Mirabello
Lorenzago di Cadore – Museum of the Popes
Lorenzago di Cadore – Pope John Paul II Path
Lozzo di Cadore –Loreto Church
Pieve di Cadore – Palace of Magnifica Comunità
Val Visdende
Vigo di Cadore – St Ursula’s Church