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21 Mag

Zoppè di Cadore

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The smallest and the highest (1,461 metres a.s.l.) parish, Zoppè has historically been part of Cadore, despite being situated “over the mountains” in an area which geographically belongs to Val di Zoldo. According to tradition, its name derives from the word “zópa”, which in the local language means “clod”. Although the name of village appears as “Mons Zupedi” in written documents dated 1155, a proper settlement did not exist until the 1500s. In the beginning there were only a few buildings used by people working the land or in the forest, as well as by the charcoal burners who provided fuel for the smithies where iron ore was processed. Nowadays these traditional activities are brought back to life in the museum of local traditions “Al Poiat”, housed in the former dairy. Here a themed trail shows visitors how the local community used to live and work. The focal point of the exhibition is the reconstruction, to scale, of a charcoal kiln, “Poiat”, alongside which are shown documentaries on this topic. The museum is managed by the “Union di Ladign de Zopè”, the only Italian association of former charcoal burners recognized in Europe. The parish church, dedicated to St Anne, built in 1732-37 next to a chapel dating from 1530-40, was renovated in 1896 after a fire which destroyed the centre of the village. Further works were carried out in the 1930s, when a new choir was installed. On the main altar there is a painting by Titian and his school, Madonna with child and two saints. Another painting, by an unknown artist, dates from the 17th century and depicts St Anthony. Alongside some wooden artefacts by Giovanbattista De Lotto, Angelo Gamba Zampol and Dante Moro there are also two large paintings by Masi Simonetti (“St Joseph’s passing” – 1930) and by Fiorenzo Tomea ( “Christ on the Cross” – 1950-55). These two outstanding 20th century artists were born in Zoppè and more of their works can be seen in the town hall. The village is the starting point for a network of itineraries suitable also for families with young children; in winter the same paths are ideal for cross-country skiing or snowshoe treks. In particular the road leading to Rifugio Talamini and the one towards Rifugio Venezia at the foot of Mount Pelmo offer spectacular views. Let’s not forget that emigration has been and still is an element of life in Zoppè di Cadore: for the past 150 years the famous ice cream producers (“i gelatieri”) have left their village to travel all over the world making their excellent ice cream according to traditional recipes.

town hall: 0437.791900
tourist office in Zoldo Alto: 0437.789145