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12 Mag

Vigo di Cadore

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Historic buildings, works of art and ancient documents kept in the Historic Library of Cadore all bear witness to the importance of this village. It is for this reason that Vigo is considered the cultural heart of Oltrepiave, the land beyond the River Piave. The village boasts two amazing cycles of medieval frescoes: the oldest (end of the 13th century) in St Margaret’s church in the locality called Salagona, the other (middle of the 14th century), more widely known, can be seen in St Ursula’s church in Vigo. To appreciate how important art was in this area over the centuries, you only have to visit the other churches and chapels in the parish and admire their works of art, notably St Anthony of Egypt in Laggio, Our Lady of Defence, the parish church itself and St Bernard’s church in Pelos. The Biblioteca Storica Cadorina (Historic Library of Cadore) has a prominent place in the cultural life of the region. The Library, founded in 1892 by prof. Antonio Ronzon, a local historian, holds documents and manuscripts which are crucial to understanding the history of the area. Those interested in the historic events of WWI can visit the forts on Mount Tudaio and the emplacements on Col Cianpon, which have recently been restored, while nature lovers can pay a visit to the upland in Razzo, with its unspoilt environment, abundance of water and pastureland. Moreover this place is loved by stargazers as it is free from light pollution.

tourist office: 0435.77058