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12 Ott


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Il Cadore a portata di smartphone con l’App Cadore Dolomiti

Le nuovo tecnologie sono motore trainante anche nel settore turistico per questo la guida “CADORE terra magica” ora è diventata anche App. Strutturata come la guida cartacea, permette in qualunque zona del Cadore di scoprire tutte le curiosità storico artistiche e naturalistiche aiutando così il turista ad orientarsi. Utile se ci si trova a visitare il Cadore, ma ancora più utile per chi in Cadore non c’è mai stato trattandosi di un biglietto da visita innovativo e indirizzato anche alla giovani generazioni. Inoltre, direttamente dall’App, si può accedere ai siti ufficiali dei Consorzi Turistici che operano sul territorio accorciando le distanze fra il turista e le attività ricettive presenti nelle nostre zone facilitando l’incontro fra domanda e offerta. Contenuta nell’app la lista completa di tutti i rifugi cadorini con le relative posizioni su Google maps. Basterà quindi un solo dito per scoprire tutti i segreti del Cadore. L’applicazione Cadore Dolomiti, disponibile sia per Ios che Android, è scaricabile gratuitamente.


12 Mag


In INFO by admin / 12 maggio 2013 / 0 Comments  is a local tourist information portal which aims to support, promote and improve Cadore by bringing together information, news and ideas about the area. aims to become a port of call for all those who are born and raised in Cadore as well as those who want to visit. The aim is also to create a kind of round table, a meeting point between all the key players in this area (local councils, associations, groups etc.). aims, through its communication channels, to spread certain core values which are important anywhere in the world and which are especially fundamental to life in the mountains. These include: love and respect for nature; solidarity towards those around us; freedom of expression and opinion; and openness towards constructive debate.

Since its inception in October 2009, represents a tangible reality, dynamic and constantly evolving.

The portal (focal point of all the activities) is interactive and allows comments to be raised, events to be highlighted, and articles to be translated into over 20 languages. Among the various services offered, we can pick out web-based local weather forecasts, webcams across Cadore, traffic information and the forum, the latter being an integral part of the website and an excellent place to meet others, exchange opinions and share ideas and projects. is also present on all the major social networking sites including Facebook, where our official page is one of the most active in the whole of the Belluno province. The portal has also been enabled for smartphone viewing.

The “CADORE: magic land” guide is just one of a range of projects which is taking forwards. Others include:, a website dedicated to the Dolomites cycleway;, which brings together images of the most beautiful mountains in the world; a project on snowshoes treks; and other initiatives which are currently being developed.

14 Nov

Info and details

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The touristic guide “CADORE magic land” is a project supported by in partnership with “La magnifica comunità di Cadore”. The contents of the guide are all on this website.

The guide is divided into different sections: one for each municipality for the whole Cadore area.
The interesting areas, from cultural, historical and artistic points of view are described using a simple and clear language, in order to raise the tourist’s interest and desire to visit those places.
Municipalities: Pieve, Calalzo, Domegge, Lozzo, Lorenzago, Vigo, Auronzo, Ospitale, Perarolo, Valle, Cibiana, Vodo, Zoppè, Borca, San Vito, Selva, Comelico Superiore, Danta, San Nicolò, Santo Stefano, San Pietro, Sappada.
Special: Val Visdende, Lago Centro Cadore, Ciclabile La Lunga Via delle Dolomiti, Rifugi del Cadore, Dolomiti, Vercellian Itinerary and Index by areas..

This project’s objective was the creation of a publication regarding the whole Cadore touristic area that would promote the entire area as one unique holiday destination.
Until recently, every village of the area was considered a unique destination, but now the main focus is the promotion of the entire area as one unique destination, therefore uniting all of the villages under one spectrum.
The guide offers an itinerary that includes three differents areas (Central Cadore, Boite Valley and Comelico), as its purpose is to give tourists the opportunity to discover the entire area on a much wider range than before.

2 euros for the printed version in touristic shops, museums, municipalities offices, shelters and newspapers shops.
Supplied by “Magnifica comunità di Cadore”
Informations & Orders : Magnifica Comunità di Cadore piazza Tiziano, 2 32044 Pieve di Cadore (BL)
tel +39.0435.32262 – fax. 0435.32858 – email:

Available Online for free in PDF & HTML format on (optimized version for smartphones available).
Free App for iOS and Android.

Press releases for both the local and regional media, promotional campaigns on social media and via websites. Shipment of the guide to national media (tourism section) and possible promotion at trade fairs.

Pages: 44 | Circulation: 15,000 copies | Language: Italian | Release scheduled for June 2013

Edited by Azienda ProdAction srl, Via Monferrato 9-11, 20094 Corsico (MI)
Idea and planning by Matteo Gracis
Edited by Marta De Zolt and Matteo da Deppo in partnership with the municipal government of the territory.
Introduction and special pages edited by Bepi Casagrande

No contents of this publication may be copied or reproduced in any form without permission from the publisher.
Some of the images fully or partially reproduced in this website and/or on our official Facebook pages, or revised for publication, are found on the Internet. If their publication violated any copyrights, they will be removed at the request of the author or any holder of reproduction rights.