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21 Mag

San Pietro di Cadore

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Two villas dating from the heyday of the Venetian Republic are the jewels of the village: Villa Poli-De Pol-Sammartini in the hamlet of Mare (visits to the ground floor and the garden on request) and Villa Poli-De Pol in San Pietro, now the Town Hall (the whole building is open to visits). Built between 1665 and 1668 under Venetian rule, it has an imposing entrance hall with the main staircase leading to the first floor, where you can admire the 17th century frescoes by Gerolamo Pellegrini. St Peter’s church was originally built in the 13th century, but it was renovated and extended in the 18th century. It hosts an altar piece by Marco Vecellio. Costalta, in a panoramic position on the flanks of Monte Zovo, preserves the traditional rural architecture of the area. As you walk along the village streets, you can admire several historic houses made of wood and, as a sort of counterpoint to the buildings, about thirty contemporary sculptures, including a bronze statue by Augusto Murer. “Angiul Sai” is another traditional house now turned into a museum; it hosts an exhibition centre and serves as a good example of traditional rural homes. The parish church is dedicated to St Anne and dates from the 16th century, although the latest renovation work was carried out in 1862. Valle is another hamlet situated at a lower altitude; here is the newly built church of St Francis of Assisi, whereas in Presenaio there is a chapel dedicated to St Wolfgang which was dedicated in 1420, although it was built in the previous century.

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