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13 Mag

Valle di Cadore

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The origins of Valle are very old, as witnessed by the numerous Roman and pre-Roman finds brought to light in the 1950s by the archaeologist Enrico De Lotto and now kept in the Archaeological Museum of Cadore. Walking along the Roman Road, in the hamlet of Costa, you can admire several historic houses in Venetian style, rural buildings and the remains of 1st and 2nd century homes. Worthy of note among the more elegant houses, which are decorated with arches, balconies and coats of arms, are Palazzo Piloni-Costantini (15th century), Palazzo Santin-Zampolli (16th century), Casa Galeazzi dei Galeazzetti now Ciliotta and Casa Barnabò (16th century). At the end of the road you will find St Martin’s church in a magnificent panoramic position. The church dates back to the 12th century and has been renovated and extended on several occasions; it holds works by Antonio De Bettio and Antonio Lazzarini. Each of the hamlets in the parish has its own chapel: Our Lady of Piety in Costa, with a painting by Tomaso da Rin, Our Lady of the Snows in Vallesina (19th century), Our Lady of Mount Carmel (17th century) in Ciesamas, St Rocco dating from the beginning of the 16th century with wooden sculptures by Tita De Lotto and finally the Holy Trinity in Zoval. The church in the nearby village of Venas is dedicated to St Mark (19th century) and holds a painting by Francesco Vecellio and wooden sculptures by G.B. De Lotto. In the hamlet of Suppiane there is St Mark’s chapel, dating from the 13th century and in Laste St Elizabeth’s shrine (15th century) and in Dovesto St James’s (end of the 16th century). To reach the village of Damos, you have to cross the Rualan bridge, covered by a wooden roof. In the village there is the church of St Andrew and St John, which was originally built in the 14th century and has one of the oldest frescoes in Cadore, depicting Christ’s on the cross. An excursion to Costa Piana, at the foot of Mount Antelao, offers the opportunity to admire the surrounding natural environment.

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