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14 Nov

Centro Cadore Lake

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There is an island shrouded in mystery in the middle of the Central Cadore lake. Some researchers believe it used to be connected to the mainland by a road built long before the arrival of the Romans in Cadore. Evidence for the island and the entire lake area having been an important early Venetian settlement is provided by archaeological finds. The theory is that the island, which prior to the lake’s formation used to be a mound, was home to the political authorities, while at the nearby site of Lagole a religious temple was built.
The creation of the lake obviously changed everything. It was formed in the 1950s when the Sottocastello dam at Pieve di Cadore was constructed. The structure formed part of the network of dams and hydroelectric power stations built along the upper course of the river Piave.
From Domegge and Calalzo one can choose from several walks along the shores of the lake. There are also several places to hire pedalos and canoes, and fishing is permitted in certain parts of the lake. The face of the Sottocastello dam is also equipped as a climbing wall.

Calalzo tourist office: 0435.32348